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Why I Don’t Read the Swedes

You may have noticed that I read an awful lot of murder mysteries. Some of my readers (hi, Beachmom!) deplore this tendency but I think it’s a pretty blameless vice. About a year ago, though, I decided to give up … Continue reading

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Fred Vargas, “Pars vite et reviens tard” or “Have Mercy on Us All”

Why Fred Vargas is better than Stieg Larsson — and it’s not just the stuff about the plague. Continue reading

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Ake Edwardson, “Never End”

OK, I swear I’m not going to read any more Swedish murder mysteries. Not right away, at least. I don’t remember exactly why I bought this one — certainly I have plenty of experience with the genre. In fact I … Continue reading

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Denise Mina, “Garnethill”

Nothing to do with what I feel sure the characters would call the “poncy” home-furnishings catalogue. Garnethill is a neighborhood in Glasgow, and not a posh one either. I don’t imagine there aren’t a whole lot of posh neighborhoods in … Continue reading

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Stieg Larsson, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”

December 6, 2008 So I bought this on Amazon, tacked it onto another purchase because they suggested I would like it.  Affinity marketing is getting better and better, right?  Besides, the cover is gorgeous—and it’s selling really well.  And the … Continue reading

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