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Peter Dickinson, “The Last House Party” and “Death of a Unicorn”

We don’t tend to think of our escape fiction as following literary fashion, do we? But it does, friends! This became very clear to me when I recently re-read two murder mysteries from the 1980s, The Last House Party and … Continue reading

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Lisa Hilton, “The Horror of Love”

I keep telling myself I don’t care about the Mitfords, but that is evidently a lie. Because not only did I buy The Horror of Love but I actually finished it, despite not really liking the book very much. How … Continue reading

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Frances Osborne, “The Bolter”

I didn’t want to like Idina Sackville, the “bolter” of the title. How could I? On page 18 of the book is a heartbreaking photo of two little boys, Idina’s sons Gerard and David, whom she left in their father’s … Continue reading

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Deborah Devonshire, “Home to Roost”

This little volume is the book that put Deborah, Duchess of Devonshire ahead of her late sister Jessica Mitford in the tally of books published. (Debo: 12. Decca: 11. And Debo’s got another one coming out in November 2010.) Not … Continue reading

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Nancy Mitford, “Wigs on the Green”

I was recently thrilled to discover a long-lost Stella Gibbons novel, Nightingale Wood, which has just been republished by Penguin. Perhaps encouraged by that delight, I leapt on the handsome new Vintage paperback of Nancy Mitford’s long-out-of-print Wigs on the … Continue reading

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