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Patrick O’Brian, “The Reverse of the Medal”

Oh wow, are you sitting down? Major Literary Discovery here. I was happily absorbed in The Reverse of the Medal when PLOT SPOILER (sorry) I got to the section when Jack is imprisoned at the Marshalsea — what we might … Continue reading

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Nathaniel Philbrick, “Why Read Moby-Dick?”

“There are no tricks — there is only enthusiasm.” That, according to my admittedly flawed memory, is legendary femme fatale Pamela Harriman’s explanation of how she managed to ensnare so many powerful men in her lifetime. My husband takes this … Continue reading

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Chad Harbach, “The Art of Fielding”

I don’t give a hoot about fielding. Or about pitching. Or catching, or batting, or any of the other elements of baseball that have always seemed excruciatingly dull to me. But people, now — we all like books about people, … Continue reading

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Herman Melville, “Moby-Dick”

Long silence on Book Group of One — but no wonder! I’ve been on a whaling voyage! It’s not easy to know where to start or how to proceed: I honestly just this instant closed the book on Chapter 135: … Continue reading

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