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Benjamin Black, “Vengeance”

Well, this one’s a doozy. Of course we expect nothing less from John Banville/Benjamin Black, who seems to have excessive levels of talent and energy. But the opening scene of Vengeance is unforgettable. Dublin businessman Victor Delahaye invites the son … Continue reading

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Lee Child, “Never Go Back”

A lot of people were disappointed by the filmed version of Lee Child’s Reacher novels, probably right down to the improbably-cast Tom Cruise. If I remember correctly, the premise was that Reacher on film needed to be a blockbuster that … Continue reading

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Douglas Rogers, “The Last Resort”

Is it possible to be funny about the ruin of a country? Apparently so, if Douglas Rogers can set the example. What’s fair game is absurdity and people’s pretensions being punctured, but the humor has to make way for the … Continue reading

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