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Bernard Cornwell, “Sharpe’s Tiger”

Sean Bean is the link here, folks. He played Eddard Stark in S1 of Game of Thrones. He also played Richard Sharpe in the British TV series Sharpe. Patrick O’Brian is the other link. Sometimes people who see the O’Brians lined … Continue reading

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Anthony Trollope, “The Eustace Diamonds”

Lizzie Eustace drives me crazy. Always has, always will — because Lizzie lies and gets away with it. The frustration of it! For a rule-abiding creature like me (and, I would guess, most of Anthony Trollope’s readers), Lizzie’s boldness and impunity … Continue reading

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Manda Scott, “No Good Deed”

You know how to complete the phrase, right? “No good deed…… goes unpunished.” Very late in this novel, the canny, crafty villain quotes the maxim to the equally crafty heroine, calling it an old Irish saying. By this point in … Continue reading

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Nigel Slater, “Toast”

Like Pig and Pepper, Toast was a surprise present, shoved through the mail slot with a bulb catalog and a flyer from Time Warner. And like Pig and Pepper, a total hit: I love reading about food. I’m not a … Continue reading

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David Footman, “Pig and Pepper”

Pig and Pepper entered my life as a lovely surprise. A Faithful Reader who has become an actual in-person friend dug it up for me. Here’s how: she remembered reading, in an article from The Guardian, a roundup of great … Continue reading

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George R.R. Martin, “A Dance with Dragons” Game of Thrones Book 5

That’s that, then. I have now completed all five existing volumes of George R.R. Martin’s immense Game of Thrones series. It’s an achievement that needs to be punctuated somehow, with an exclamation or perhaps the thud of a very heavy … Continue reading

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Peter May, “The Blackhouse”

One of the ways writers keep the venerable murder mystery tradition going is by choosing exotic settings for their books. Take the popular Louise Penny series, set in an idyllic Quebec village, or the far-from-idyllic Marseille of Jean-Claude Izzo’s books. In … Continue reading

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