Michael Connelly, “The Reversal”

Michael Connelly sells a lot of books, and since I’m always on the lookout for escape reading, I bought a used copy of The Reversal in an airport last week. I will say that it got me through the 5 hours from Burbank to New York. But I have to add that the ladies chatting rather loudly in front of me broke through the storytelling more than once, which meant that the book was not completely doing its job.

The Reversal is a recent entry in a series of books by Connelly that follow a network of characters solving crimes in Los Angeles. Detective  Harry Bosch and criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller are working together here with what is evidently a familiar cast of ex-wives and former colleagues. There’s a lot of criminal court procedure that reminded me of jury duty only, of course, much more colorful. The criminal in this case is Jason Jessup, who has spent 24 years in jail for murdering a little girl. The case has been reopened and Mickey — normally a defense lawyer — is named prosecutor. It’s perfectly competent but lacked the quirkiness of Thomas Perry’s books, which cover much the same ground. So I guess Perry remains my airborne choice.

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I spend most of my time writing and reading. Most recent publications: the reissue of "To Marry an English Lord,"one of the inspirations for "Downton Abbey," and the historical novel "Leaving Van Gogh." I am too cranky to belong to a book group but I love the book-blogging community.
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