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Lee Child, “The Affair”

There’s always been something especially satisfying about Lee Child’s thrillers. Child writes good, clean prose and he’s a master with the pacing. He understands how much we love inside information (my favorite is still Without Fail, the one set in … Continue reading

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P. G. Wodehouse, “My Man Jeeves”

I’ll admit I was a little desperate after finishing Emile Zola’s La Débâcle. I needed entertainment — no, I needed jollity! Hence, Wodehouse. Now, I’m pretty new to his work and gosh, there’s a lot of it. Worse, I was … Continue reading

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Are You There, Jeff Bezos? It’s Me, Carol…

… with a teeny suggestion. We hear that Amazon is going to release a new tablet reader called “Fire” before Christmas. (No so sure about that name, but “Kindle” has worked pretty well, huh? And I didn’t like that either…) … Continue reading

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Emile Zola, “La Debacle/The Downfall”

Another long silence, but I’ve been helping Emile Zola fight the Franco-Prussian war, and it’s taken a long time. Didn’t turn out too well, either: after all, Zola called his book La Débâcle for a reason. Just to get you … Continue reading

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How I Influenced “Downton Abbey”

Maybe you could think of this post not as outright bragging, but as giddiness, OK? Because my brilliant friend and co-author Gail MacColl sent me an article from the UK Daily Telegraph’s Sunday magazine, in which Julian Fellowes, … well, … Continue reading

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Joanna Trollope, “Daughters-in-Law”

Did I dream this? Wasn’t there a moment when Joanna Trollope’s books were best-sellers in the U.S.? I’ve certainly bought most of them, loaned them to friends, re-read them, enjoyed them mightily. So I was startled to find that Daughters-in-Law … Continue reading

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…And Then It Changed My Brain

Today’s topic for Book Blogger Appreciation Week: “Reading and Blogging.” What it’s all about, right? And our clever hosts asked us to write today about a range of reading questions but the one that snagged my attention was ” Has … Continue reading

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Hugh Grant Just Sold Me a Book

OK, I’ll admit it. I really like Hugh Grant. So when I read this morning in the Hollywood Reporter  (don’t ask why) that Grant has just joined the cast of the the film version of Cloud Atlas, I had a little … Continue reading

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More on Book Blogging

So I read the instructions wrong. I wasn’t supposed to link back, but to share links to other bloggers’ work! Easy enough. How else do I find out what to read next? For instance, I love the mix at A … Continue reading

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Appreciating Everyone…

It’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week, did you know? (Usually I find these things out when they are over.) Hope some of my blogging colleagues will join the fun.

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