Sarah Dunant, “Under My Skin”

Just a month ago I finished Sarah Dunant’s Birth Marks. I thought I had damned it with faint praise, but looking back, I find I was rather enthusiastic. Maybe Under My Skin is not quite as good or maybe the bizarre-doings-in-the-clinic trope is too familiar from P.D. James (who has explored it, what, three times?). Mouthy Hannah Wolfe gets hired this time to figure out who’s behind the sabotage in what’s called a “health farm.” Turns out her new client, Olivia Marchant, is the beautiful, youthful wife of a plastic surgeon. No, actually, please call him an aesthetic surgeon. Competent if standard plotting with narrator Hannah musing about questions of age, beauty, appearance and reality. Dunant is clearly disturbed by a culture that embraces the knife as a cure for the years.

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I spend most of my time writing and reading. Most recent publications: the reissue of "To Marry an English Lord,"one of the inspirations for "Downton Abbey," and the historical novel "Leaving Van Gogh." I am too cranky to belong to a book group but I love the book-blogging community.
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